There's A Canned Rosé Cider You Can Buy Via Venmo & It's The Most Millennial Thing Ever

Centuries from now, when anthropologists discuss millennials, a generation of people born between about 1981 and 1997 AD, they will probably name rosé drinking and paying one another through something known as Venmo among the group's chief characteristics. In fact, if these anthropologists were to draw an illustration of a millennial circa 2018, they might want to include a can of Anyday Rosé in their subject's hand, because this new product just may be the most millennial thing we've ever heard of. Anyday Rosé is a new rosé cider, and just in case the rosé element wasn't millennial-friendly enough, Anyday also happens to be the first wine brand on the market accepting Venmo as a form of payment.
Anyday Rosé was created by former NFL player Pat McAfee and former Barstool Sports advertising director Louis Roberts. The pair teamed up with winemakers Andrew Jones of Tin City Cider and Michael Zinke of Zinke Wines to make their own version of the year's most notable rosé trend, rosé cider, which they hope will appeal to both "men and women alike." Are all these men millennials? Well, it's hard to say without access to their birth certificates, but clearly they have an innate knowledge of the characteristics that (at least stereotypically) define the generation.
According to a press release, Anyday Rosé is a blend of 85% crisp cider and 15% rosé wine. The drink contains hops and has an alcohol content of 6.9%. The brand's desire to appeal to both men and women is clear from one glimpse at the can, which looks like it was designed to mimic the aesthetic of a football jersey — plus a dash of that shade of pink for good measure.
For those who prefer their rosé cider cans to be more Instagrammable, Anyday Rosé may be a pass. That is, unless you're willing to trade Instagram likes for something equally as millennial, like the ability to pay for booze through Venmo. The 375-milliliter cans are available in packs of 8, 24, 96, and 365 — which the brand points out is "one for each day of the year." The packs retails for $32, $84, $312, and $1,200, respectively. If you go with the 365-pack, you'll be paying just $3.29 per can.
To purchase the beverage with Venmo, simply visit the Anyday Rosé website on your mobile device. At checkout, you will have the option to buy the rosé cider with a credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, or Venmo. Venmo! With this innovation, those anthropologists will almost certainly look back on this moment in time and say to one another, "this is when civilization reached peak millennial."

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