Madelaine Petsch Forced Gordon Ramsey To Cook Vegan & The Results Were Disastrous

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Gordon Ramsay and Madelaine Petsch may have similar on-screen personas — Petsch plays the feisty and occasionally malicious Cheryl Blossom on The CW's Riverdale, while Chef Ramsay is known for being assertive and harsh in the kitchens of his many cooking shows — but when it comes to taste in food, the two couldn't be more different. In a recent video celebrating MasterChef's new season (and a billion views for Ramsay's YouTube channel), he goes head-to-head in a mystery box challenge with Petsch. To make it extra difficult for the professional chef, Petsch is given the advantage of being able to choose the surprise ingredients, and much to Ramsay's chagrin, she goes with an all-vegan lineup.
Though Ramsay shared a tweet back in April that claimed he was "going to give this #vegan thing a try," the chef does not seem to have successfully transitioned to the diet full-time. Based on this recent video, being an avid meat-lover who is not a fan of the vegan lifestyle is still very much part of the chef's schtick. In the beginning of the video, Ramsay is shocked and appalled to learn that Petsch is a vegan, and his incredulity continues when he lifts the box revealing the vegan-friendly mystery ingredients. The only ingredient he's even the least bit excited to see are chickpeas.
Ramsay might be the professional chef of the pair, but having to compete in the "first-ever vegan MasterChef cook-off" seems to really mess with his head, so much so that he does various things in attempt to sabotage his competitor, including burning her recipe. When time is finally up, Ramsay presents a marinated steak of cauliflower dusted in vadouvan spice and paired with a garlic, onion, chickpea, and tomato puree. Petsch, on the other hand, offers up kelp noodles with kale pesto.
After calling Gordon's dish bulky and saying Madelaine's could have used a little more seasoning, judge Christina Tossi named the kelp noodles and kale pesto the winner because, well, Gordon clearly cheated. This causes the Masterchef host to lose his cool in classic Ramsay-style and say, "You can fuck right off, all of you vegans." This proclamation is rude, yes, but we have to admit, we're glad Gordon Ramsay is back to his anti-vegan, meat-loving ways. After all, that's the Ramsay we're most comfortable with.

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