Everything We Know About Dietland's #MeToo Revenge Mystery

Photo: Courtesy of Patrick Harbron/AMC.
AMC’s latest drama — diet culture, women’s magazine, and all around misogyny satire Dietland — kicks off feeling a lot like an overstuffed plate of food fresh from the buffet line. Some tidbits look so delicious you can’t wait to devour them, and some feel like lackluster items you maybe should have left behind, giving you more room for that tasty looking mac and cheese (or fascinating plot point). While the passé-seeming self-loathing of lead Alicia “Plum” Kettle (Joy Nash), a striving magazine writer and plus-size woman, might fall into the latter category, the over-the-top, #MeToo-flavored revenge fantasy hidden throughout the series certainly isn’t.
The vengeful scheme is introduced in Dietland’s series premiere, when viewers get a few stray glimpses at a cabal of masked young women who are prone to kidnapping men, holding guns to their heads, and throwing them off of highway overpasses. The group’s only apparent calling card? The word “Jennifer.” While the series’ pilot doesn’t flatly say these murdered men are perpetrators of sexual assault, it’s easy to jump to that conclusion, considering the dark fantasy of punishing predators is the well-marketed backbone of Dietland.
The mystery of Jennifer becomes all the more intriguing when fans learn there is another conspiracy at hand, which involves a sprawling beauty closet, corporate hacking, and “deprogramming” all of the young women begging Plum’s magazine Daisy Chain for help. It’s unclear if these two cryptic guerrilla operations are connected or just coincidentally rebelling against the same awful systems.
So, to help you understand what the heck is going on it Dietland, we put together a handy guide explaining everything we know about Jennifer, along with the cyber leak that very well might be related to it. Keep reading to understand television’s newest feminist uprising.
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