This Exclusive Clip From Dietland Asks: "What Is Jennifer?"

Photo: Patrick Harbron/AMC.
AMC's new offering Dietland is a show that exists firmly in a post-#MeToo world. Joy Nash stars as Plum, a journalist whose biggest gig so far is answering "Dear Kitty" letters in place of her vapid young woman's magazine editor (Julianna Margulies). But there is something deeper and darker going on in Dietland than a twisted take on The Devil Wears Prada. A vigilante organization is offing bad men, and it bears quite the name: "Jennifer."
In this exclusive clip from the new series — which is based on Sarai Walker's popular novel — a newswoman reports on a truly insane story. A formerly missing fashion photographer by the last name "Ferguson" has, apparently, fallen out of the sky after being hurled from a plane.
Except, soon it becomes... not quite so insane. Or, rather, still insane, but a regular occurrence.
Cut to another story, where a soccer player takes a nosedive onto some guy's truck. This is no coincidence, obviously — and in the below animation from Dietland, it seems that it's more than just the photographer and athlete who will be making that fall. Apparently, a "Movie Producer," "Comedian," and "Politician" are all crash landing down to earth as well.
We can thank Jennifer for the gruesome imagery. A terrorist organization by that very name has claimed responsibility for the death of 12 men they call "the Dirty Dozen."
It's unclear if these members of the "Dirty Dozen" are already dead, but uh, that's certainly one way to make a statement, now isn't it, Jennifer?
Of course, Dietland only teases what's to come with this organization. What is Jennifer, and what do they want? It could be to send bad men a lesson. (It's hard not to notice that fashion photographer "Ferguson" bears a physical similarity to another once-popular, allegedly problematic artist.)
Witness all the mayhem in this exclusive Dietland clip, below:
Dietland premieres on AMC June 4.

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