The Real Meaning Behind All Those Hair Changes In 13 Reasons Why

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
After watching the credits roll on the second season of 13 Reasons Why, most viewers were satisfied to find that most of the loose ends were officially wrapped. But, like a few other critical fans, we still had some questions — one in particular we've been holding onto since the first trailer dropped: Mrs. Baker has a pixie! But... why?
Here's the thing: Hair changes matter for the Netflix hit. In season one, protagonist Hannah Baker made a drastic change to her long curls just before she died by suicide. And by the time the second season aired, fans everywhere began to pick up on more hair changes among the rest of the cast, like Mrs. Baker (Kate Walsh), Alex Standall (Miles Heizer), and Jessica Davis (Alisha Boe).
But, again, why? Did their haircuts and color changes represent emotional shifts in the same way Hannah's did? Or was this just a way for the series to represent a minor jump in the show's timeline? Since no tape or polaroid would give us the answer, we asked the mind behind every character's hairstyle on the show: hair department head Carla Farmer.
Farmer exclusively revealed the meaning behind some of the most significant — and more subtle — hair transformations in season two, the products used among the cast, and whose hair took the longest to style, ahead.

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