Kim Kardashian's NY Post Cover Is Breaking The Internet

After Kim Kardashian met with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office yesterday, the New York Post wrote a headline that read: "Trump Meets Bump: Kim Thong Un pitches prez on prison reform." Social media quickly pointed out that the cover was sexist and distracting from the issue at hand: Kardashian was meeting with the president to discuss prison reform.
"You can say all you want about @KimKardashian but this is disgusting The New York Post! Kim is trying to save Alice Johnson who is serving a life sentence for a non violent drug crime and all you can do is TALK ABOUT HER ASS!!! Have a little more respect," one user wrote.
Kardashian met with Trump to discuss the release of a woman named Alice Marie Johnson a 63-year-old woman imprisoned for a first-time, nonviolent drug offense. Earlier this year, the website Mic published a video about Johnson's case. Kardashian, upon seeing the video, joined the cause, taking the issue all the way to the White House. She went to Trump to request clemency for Johnson. So, no, Kim Jong Un isn't really relevant, nor are thongs. (The fallacious assumption that thongs are somehow related to Kardashian isn't just sexist. It's a bad joke.)
It is not yet clear what the result of the meeting will be — aside from a sexist headline — but Kardashian has tweeted to thank Trump for his time.
"I would like to thank President Trump for his time this afternoon," she wrote, "It is our hope that the President will grant clemency to Ms. Alice Marie Johnson who is serving a life sentence for a first-time, non-violent drug offense." She added that she's "optimistic" about Johnson's future.
With the meeting, Kardashian became more overtly political than she has before. As she permeates this boundary between apolitical celebrity and activist, she will make headlines — she's fusing her fame with politics, and the chemical reaction is going to be explosive. However, she has one important person in her corner: Ava DuVernay, filmmaker.
"I’m down for anyone who can make positive change in a positive way to give it a try," she said, sharing a trailer for her documentary 13th, which focussed on prison reform. She added, "Notes for Kim. Part 1."

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