Becca Kufrin Will Have An Arie-Themed Demolition Date Night

Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin
Becca Kufrin is the new Bachelorette, and in case you didn't notice already in the first episode, things are going to be a bit different under her reign. She's not going to tolerate men being there for the wrong reasons (um, bye Chase) or men who don't acknowledge her greatness the first few times they've met her (later, Jake). But just because she doesn't have time for B.S. doesn't mean she's lacking a sense of humor, and to prove it, she's going to take a date to a room for an epic Arie-themed demo day.
The 28-year-old star explained the premise of the upcoming date during an appearance on Good Morning America on Tuesday and, yes, it's sounds like it's going to be just as amazing as you'd imagine.
"Next episode, I will say, I do have my favorite date of all time," she said. "It's called the rage room and I go in with one lucky guy and we just smash everything from the past."
She's not joking about the everything part either.
"So I walked into this warehouse and it's [Luyendyk Jr.'s] old race car from last season, it's the proposal playing on a loop on monitors that we can smash," Kufrin explained. "We had sledgehammers, we had baseball bats, we had crow bars — everything. Everything was fair game! It was so fun."
Hopefully, she'll also tear apart that completely awkward cardboard cutout that Mike brought with him for his first impression. (Honestly, who does that?)
Though the date may seem a bit harsh, let's all remember how we got here. It was Luyendyk, not Kufrin, who decided to call off their engagement (to go back to the woman he previously dumped, no less) in the worst way imaginable before an audience of millions. Besides, ABC owes this demo derby to our Rose Queen after airing the heartbreaking breakup not once, but twice, including during the opening of her season.
Bring your protective goggles to the next viewing; we have a feeling things are going to get oh-so-satisfyingly messy.

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