Sorry If You Were Shipping Shawn Mendes & Hailey Baldwin

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Sorry #Shailey fans, Shawn Mendes is apparently still on the market.
Yep, after months of speculation that the singer was in a relationship with model Hailey Baldwin, Mendes sat down with E! News to set the record straight one and for all.
"I am single," he shared in the interview while promoting his new album. Really dude? I could’ve sworn we just saw you two all hugged up together at the Met Gala. But of course, Mendes has a rebuttal for that fact too: he and Baldwin were just there friends.
"The Met Ball was such an incredible experience for me. It was just overwhelming in the most incredible way,” he said. “I was so lucky for my first time going there to be able to go with someone like Hailey because she's such a vet and I really admire people like her because of how outgoing she is in such an overwhelming experience."
Friends who just so happened to be wearing coordinating outfits and who were standing incredibly close together. That fix each other's outfits and who just felt like posting a ton of swoon-worthy Instagram photos together afterwards. Insert Kermit meme. Okay, whatever Shawn.
Maybe Baldwin was just showing him the ropes at the Met Gala, but what about all those other signs that pointed to them being officially official?
Rumors first begin swirling that the two were an item when they were seen holding hands at a Halloween party in October 2017. The following month, the two were allegedly spotted kissing at an EMAs after party. And then the next month, paparazzi caught the two canoodling in the Mendes’ hometown for the holidays.
More recently, at the Billboard Music Awards on May 21, Mendes got really weird when asked about Baldwin. The Extra TV host brought up the Met Gala and said, "You guys are a gorgeous couple.” His response: "Ahh okay, thank you."
Now, why would Mendes wait to declare that he’s single to E! News? Surely, he knew he was at that moment on the red carpet. Something just isn’t adding up. Still, even with all of these receipts, the two seem to be sticking with their “friends” story.
At the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards, Baldwin echoed Mendes’ sentiments to Access Hollywood. "He's a friend of mine and we hang out, so I see why people obviously want to make assumptions. Any guy I hang out with people are like, 'Oh, she must be dating him or something's going on,' but I don't ever really feel like I have to explain myself,” she said. “It's kind of my business and the other person's business. That's it."
Ugh. For now I guess we can officially lay the rumors of #Shailey to rest. Although, I’m still not giving up hope entirely just in case they make any more “friend” appearances. (Read: They will. I’m calling it now.)

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