Are Prince Harry’s Exes Invited to The Royal Wedding?

Photo: David Moir/Pool/Getty Images.
The Royal Wedding is probably going to be an awkward affair no matter what, right? Somehow, I can't imagine Prince Harry churning to "The Thong Song" next to his new wife Meghan Markle while the royal family of England joyfully joins the fun. This is a very traditional, very stiff affair. Markle's family drama is already haunting the occasion. And, to make matters worse, Prince Harry's exes will likely be in attendance.
That's what happens when you date within a small, elite group of people. They pop back up! So, amid the cakes, the cellos, and the maybe-Spice Girls music (they were rumored to be playing at the reception), there may be some awkward post-relationship run-ins. No one said weddings were supposed to be smooth. (Except for mine. My wedding will be like a baby's foot!)
Ahead, Prince Harry's exes, and whether or not they'll be at the Royal Wedding this weekend.

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