Why Moms On Facebook Are Obsessed With Stormy Daniels' Lawyer

photo: Paul Morigi/WireImage.
By day, Stormy Daniels' lawyer Michael Avenatti defends the adult film star against the Trump administration's brutal attacks. By night, he is apparently a heartthrob among the moms of Facebook. Well, not just moms. And not just Facebook. But a lot of people seem to think he's hot.
Avenatti is known for his brash persona: He takes no bull from Trump or anyone else, and signs his tweets #basta to punctuate his punches. He lives a fast and furious lifestyle, racing cars in his spare time. Hollywood has even come calling for him. But most importantly, he demands that Daniels be taken seriously.
Maybe this is why people can't stop crushing on him on social media. There's even a private Facebook fan club dedicated to him that calls him the "sexiest man alive." (Included in the description: "If anyone can take down the Orange Trumpty Dumpty, its Michael Avenatti!!")
Here's what people on Facebook have to say about his hotness.
This person loves his way with words.
A friend responded: "I'm SO glad you shared this ... I think he is pretty hot ... not particularly good looking, but he has that aura of someone who knows EXACTLY who he is ... I also like the way he speaks about his client ... I thought I was the only one ... I do think he has an incredibly sexy mouth ..."
This Facebook user also appreciates Avenatti's ability to speak in complete sentences. (Are we dropping the bar all the way to the ground, ladies? JK.)
Kind of a douche, but still hot.
"Intelligent, smooth, and takes no crap!"
Many people are speculating that Avenatti could be the one to finally bring down Trump, so it's no wonder he's the pinup boy of the #Resistance. We have reached out to him to ask how he feels about having a fan club, and we'll be sure to update this story when we hear back. #Basta.
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