10 Women With Jobs That Are Completely Unrelated To Their College Majors

Illustrated by Richard Chance.
Graduation season is upon us, which means a new class of graduates has been ejected from the sweet cocoons of their universities into the unforgiving real world. Some are probably wondering: What can I possibly do with this American Studies degree and Ethnomusicology minor?
It's easy to feel trapped by your major, the feeling that English majors must become English teachers; bio majors, lab coat-donning scientists; and econ majors sequestered to Wall Street. While these paths might once have been clear cut, it's now clearer than ever that what you study for four years in undergrad doesn't have to dictate or limit what you do after graduation. Often, the skills you learn in one discipline can translate in surprising and helpful ways to seemingly unrelated fields.
Not convinced? Ahead, we talked to 10 women who reflect on their college majors and how they led to the jobs they have now. From a philosophy major who works at a hedge fund to a public health major who now works for a chef, these women show that degrees don't always lead where you think they will in the work world.

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