Nicole Kidman Can't Stop Heckling Keith Urban

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Love is wonderful. You can stare into the eyes of your partner, grow older together, and share your life experiences. The other great aspect of partnership? Trolling your significant other at every available opportunity. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban totally understand the joy in a little harmless joshing. Kidman may have taken it a bit too far at one of Urban's recent concerts — but she made up for it in the best way.
Appearing on Ellen, Urban talked about how he was in the middle of doing his country rock star thing at the Spotify Fans First event in Nashville. All was going well at the intimate acoustic show, until a fan asked about the song "Parallel Line," which was co-written by Ed Sheeran. "Somebody was asking about this song called 'Parallel Line' in the audience. Ed Sheeran’s one of the writers. He plays on it. And I’m talking about the song. I’m talking, I’m talking," says Urban.
And then, out of nowhere, he hears a voice in the crowd yelling "Play the song!" Urban recognizes that voice instantly — it's his Academy Award-winning wife. "And I was like, I know that voice anywhere," she says. "And of course it’s my wife heckling me basically.” Kidman was doing the spousal equivalent of when your parents wildly waved their arms in the air when they picked you from school. So embarrassing.
Luckily, Urban was a good sport. He fired back, "why don't you sing it?" and well, she did. Kidman walked up to the stage and the two sang it together in a very cute duet. Kidman is no stranger to the microphone — she famously belted out show tunes in the film version of Moulin Rouge. Alls well that ends well.
You can watch the video below.
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