Mason Ramsey, The Viral Yodeling Kid, Just Dropped The Song Of The Summer

Photo: Natt Lim/Getty Images/Coachella.
What were you doing when you were 11? If you were like us, you were busy curating your Caboodles collection and swooning over the newest Delia*s catalogue. You were probably not the star of a viral video that has almost 32 million views. But Mason Rasmey, the Walmart yodeling kid, is taking his newfound country fame and grabbing it by the reins. He's just released his first single, "Famous," where he gets candid about being a meme. Spoiler alert: the song is kind of a bop?
In the studio, Ramsey is decked out in his signature red bowtie and belt buckle larger than his head. He's dwarfed by his equally large guitar and studio headphones, but Ramsey is not intimidated: he's here to belt out his heart. The pint-sized yodeler waxes poetic about new international stardom: he knows he's famous, but the catchiest line is that he wants to be "famous for loving you." After all, fame is pointless without sharing it with people you love, or something. And even though it's only April, we feel some serious Song of the Summer vibes from this one. Will it be this year's "Despacito" or "Bodak Yellow"? It's tough to say, but we dare you to get "Famous" out of your head.
Admittedly, Ramsey does look a little nervous in the studio, but can you blame the kid? He went from obscurity to the Coachella stage in three weeks. He's now Atlantic Records' newest signee, and will perform "Famous" live on Ellen. Ramsey's meteoric rise is proof that success takes many paths. Don't fret if you've been toiling away for years, waiting for your big shot to come — you could find fame where you least expect it, like at a Walmart. Listen to "Famous" below.
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