These Finance Memes Will Make You Rich (Or At Least Laugh)

Most memes these days involve pizza, Netflix, bae, or some inventive combination of all three. But it's still rare that we see images of Lauren Conrad's cry face overlaid with text about the pitfalls of networking or Rihanna dancing smugly because she "timed a trade perfectly."
Enter: the self-appointed Mrs. Dow Jones — a.k.a. Haley Sacks — who is serving finance memes to the masses by marrying her two loves (celebrity culture and, more recently, finance) into one clever Instagram account.
to the masses by marrying her two loves (celebrity culture and, more recently, finance) into one clever Instagram account.
The 26-year-old NYC native works part-time as a producer and the rest cultivating the MDJ brand (there's also a Youtube channel and a website, where she sells merch). Since its launch in November 2016, Mrs. Dow Jones's fan base has grown exponentially (with at least 1,000 new followers each week).
Haley isn't hiding her privilege: She isn't touting the cost benefits of packing your lunch, but bragging that she just ordered sushi. The MDJ brand is about tapping into finance bro humor from a female perspective and unabashedly celebrating (while poking fun at) the good life. Come for the Warren Buffet Man Crush Monday content and stay for the crypto jokes (I promise they won't go over your head).

TBH I usually have @shopbop up on my third screen ??‍♀️ ?#financeiscool

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Why were you inspired to create this account?
"When Kim Kardashian got robbed in 2016, I was so upset that I took a step back from my devotion to celebrity news. One day in that interim, I was like, Should I start reading business and the real news? And then, Ew, that's weird. But ultimately, I decided to do it. I grew up with a dad who worked on Wall Street, so CNBC was usually on TV in the background, but it always sounded like Russian or German to me. I felt completely out of the loop and intimidated by finance and business. I just sort of assumed that it wasn't for me, so I stuck with celebrity gossip, which I've followed like a hawk since I could read.
"I was surprised to find out that I not only could grasp the financial news, but I liked it, and it gave me this whole new perception of the world. It was really fun because at brunch I could talk about the price of Tesla [stock] instead of Bella Thorne's love life."
How would you describe your account and the content you create?
"I call myself a millennial finance blogger, and, it's funny — people are always surprised to hear that I don't actually work in finance. It just goes to show that this is something that someone who doesn't work in finance can totally do. As far as my brand, my ethos isn't like: 'Hey! Stop buying lunch and go buy a Crock Pot with that money instead!' I'm more like: 'Live, Laugh, Fucking Spend.' I think the world of money is literally hilarious, and I think the culture around it pairs well with pop culture. This is a pop culture account. The language I speak, first and foremost, is celebrity. But my brand also requires knowledge of finance and business, which I've really developed and grown to love."
Who's your audience?
"My goal is to capture the finance world from the female perspective. Women are in this cool place where we've never been more empowered, and I feel like talk around money and getting paid has always been a very male thing. So my brand is like, Girl, fucking own it and get that money. But you don't have to be in finance to get it – I truly believe that anyone who has a boss and who fancies themselves a bit of a diva will love this account."
What's your vision for the future of the Mrs. Dow Jones brand?
"At this point I love doing MDJ so much – it has increased my financial literacy so much, and I've become way more savvy as a person. I'm not really in a rush to monetize it, like by selling Fit Tea [editor's note: multiple Kardashians have been known to endorse Fit Tea on Instagram] or being a fitness blogger or something. But interesting opportunities have arisen from it, like this cool event I did in Canada recently where I spoke about cryptocurrency. I feel like this whole Wall Street-finance-investing thing is so clouded in jargon, and it goes over a lot of people's heads, and I just want to help break it down and make it more relatable and fun and cool."

do u believeeee in life after buyouts ? #financeiscool

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This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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