Micellar Dry Shampoo Might Be The Best Beauty Invention Of 2018

I wouldn't consider myself a fitness enthusiast, but last week, in a vain attempt to simultaneously kick-start some semblance of an exercise routine and join the New York City cool-girl elite, I attended my first session of The Class by Taryn Toomey.
In a city where you can hang from the ceiling doing aerial yoga and cycle underwater in an Olympic-sized swimming pool, this just might be the bougiest fitness class I've ever taken. There are crystals absolutely everywhere — in the bathroom, on the windowsill, even in the floors.
Despite the studio's aesthetically-pleasing interior, The Class is by no means an aesthetically-pleasing workout. By the end of Toomey's cardio-heavy session, you're pretty much floundering in a pool of sweat and tears. But, as gross as I might have felt after 65 minutes of "expansive, heart-opening, body-strengthening release," at least it gave me the opportunity to put R+Co's new Spiritualized Dry Shampoo Mist to a rigorous test.
Unlike most dry-shampoo formulas that use powders and starches to absorb oil, this mist employs micellar technology to cleanse hair without leaving any residue behind. In that sense, it doesn't behave like a traditional dry shampoo — and it doesn't feel like one, either. It never leaves my hair feeling gritty or irritates my sensitive scalp, and it even leaves a touch of natural-looking shine behind, almost as if I actually shampooed my hair. At first spritz, it basically feels like spraying water into your hair, but let the solution sit for about half a minute before massaging the product into your scalp. Once it dries, you'll be left with hair that looks and feels freshly washed.
I have to admit that having to hop in the shower to address my greasy hair right after a workout is one of the main reasons I put off regular exercise. But with this new addition to my routine, it looks like I'm all out of excuses. If only attending The Class a few times a week wouldn't put me all out of money, too...
R+Co Spiritualized Dry Shampoo Mist, $28, available at R+Co.

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