This Dry Shampoo With A 2,000-Person Wait List Is Worth The Hype

Before going blonde, I loved washing my hair; the less dry shampoo I had to use, the better. Now, in my new life as a certified bottle blonde, I avoid getting my hair wet at all costs — every good peroxide worshipper knows that over-washing is a one-way ticket to Mojave-dry hair. On the plus side, bleaching the hell out of your hair means it's already short on moisture, so it doesn't get nearly as oily as it used to on day three (or eight). But washing less frequently also means I have to get creative with how I can extend my blowouts for as long as humanly possible. For that, Verb's new Dry Shampoo Light is my latest go-to.
Following the success of its O.G. formula (which is packaged in an environmentally-friendly squeeze bottle, no less), the cool, under-the-radar hair brand has launched a brand-new take on the original: two dry-shampoo sprays targeted toward different hair colors. The purple-tinted Dry Shampoo Light gives blondes volume and dimension with a little bit of (temporary) toning power to help cancel out any brassiness, and the Dry Shampoo Dark comes complete with a dark-brown tint that spares brunettes (and us "blondes" with grown-in dark roots) from white, powdery residue.While neither of them will hide the fact that I skipped my last color appointment, they do trick everyone into thinking I washed my hair after that hot-yoga class the night before.
But I'm not the only one hooked: Just ask the 2,000-person wait list hoping to be the first to get their hands on the new additions. Although Dry Shampoo Light and Dark don't officially launch until May 1, Verb tells us that the waiting list is predicted to hit almost 10,000 people before then — so if you hate washing your color-treated hair as much as I do, you might want to add your name to that list sooner rather than later.
Verb Dry Shampoo Light, $16, available May 1 at Verb.

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