Jane Goodall Teamed Up With Google This Earth Day

Photo: Roy Rochlin/WireImage.
This Earth Day, Google teamed up with Dr. Jane Goodall and the Jane Goodall Institute for a Doodle that is every bit as adorable as it is impactful. Head to the search engine’s homepage today and you’ll see a message from the famous British primatologist, whose immersive work with chimpanzees accounts for much of what we know about them today.
In 1960, Goodall traveled to the forest of Gombe in Tanzania to study and live among the creatures. That year, she learned that chimpanzees both create and use their own tools and discovered how they hunted for food. Her work with primates led to a larger interest in conservation, as she became increasingly aware of the dangers of rapid deforestation.
Goodall founded her eponymous Institute in 1977, to create initiatives that would help protect the environment. Roots and Shoots, a program that empowers youth to get involved in these efforts, and the Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center are just two of the Institute's successful endeavors.
Courtesy of Google.
Today's Google Doodle depicts all aspects of Goodall's work, from her early years of research with chimpanzees to her ongoing conservation work. It also features a personal, recorded message from Goodall herself about the importance of Earth Day.
Head to Google's Doodle Blog to hear her message today. Then check out We Need Space, a short film exclusive that explores our relationship with Earth, and learn more about the female engineers working to change that connection for the better.

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