Bring It This Summer With These 3 Easy Potluck Ideas

Photo: Courtesy of Ali Rosen.
Although we love potluck dinner parties, we dread figuring out what to bring and how to bring it. Making quality dishes large-scale and transportable is no easy feat — our attempts ultimately come out of the Tupperware looking more garbage heap than gourmet chic. Ali Rosen tackles these potluck woes and more in her not so coincidentally titled cookbook, Bring It! Rosen's recipe collection takes an inventive approach to making our collaborative dining occasions easy, fun, and above all still looking fresh to impress.
"I felt like there were a lot of people like me who love to entertain but are also a little overwhelmed by the amount of work we've been told has to go into a dish to make it 'special,'" Rosen shared, "So this book is really to help people stand out without having to spend too much time." With her kitchen philosophy firmly in the "judgement-free cooking zone," Rosen lives by the mantra that delicious food doesn't need to be difficult or helpful shortcuts off-limits. "I like to say that this book is truly the answer to the common question, 'what can I bring?'" Rosen told us. And that's not all folks, each of her creative recipes comes complete with instructions not only on what to bring, but how the hell to bring it.
It's time to feel empowered and reclaim that once frightening question with three of her simple, sweet, and savory recipes ahead: "These recipes all take less than 30 minutes to make and yet if you brought them to a party they would stand out as fun, bright, interesting and delicious dishes." It's time to bring it. (And we're calling dibs on those strawberry sandwiches...)

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