This Year's Saturn Retrograde Will Be Very Different From Last Year's

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Seems like just yesterday we were bemoaning the inconveniences of this most recent (and particularly trying) Mercury retrograde — wait, it was just yesterday. Today is our first full day out from under that backspin's gaze and, lucky us, another retrograde is just on the horizon. This Tuesday, April 17, Saturn, the planet of discipline and wisdom, will turn retrograde and stay that way until September 6.
When the ringed planet started its annual backspin last year, we noted that this retrograde isn't so bad. For one thing, it forces us to slow down and think twice before making any decisions. Frustrating? Yes. Ultimately helpful, especially for those of us who normally look before we leap? Also, begrudgingly, yes. Saturn retrograde's influence can prompt us to second-guess even our strongest convictions, which will obviously slow us down and make us feel way less productive than we normally would. But, at least its meddling is for the greater good.
We'll still benefit from that slow-and-steady energy this year, but it'll feel less like a suggestion and more like a command.
Here's why: Last April, Saturn was residing in Sagittarius, a fire sign known for its sense of adventure and thirst for variety. That retrograde period saw us revisiting neglected philosophical and intellectual pursuits, and honing our skills of expression along the way. But, as of December 2017, Saturn is cozied up in the sign that it rules, Capricorn — a much stricter and traditional sign than freewheeling Sag.
Since it's been hanging out in Cap, the taskmaster of the Zodiac, Saturn has put our professional lives, ambitions, and long-term life goals in the spotlight, calling on us to make sure everything in our material sectors are running smoothly. With the arrival of its retrograde, Saturn's spotlight will feel like a veritable ultralight beam, so we'll be expected to scrutinize our choices around money, reputation, and longevity.
Yes, meticulousness is the name of the game during this year's Saturnian backspin. You don't have to bring any risky business ventures to a screeching halt, but you should make sure that you're working toward something sustainable. Reading the contract twice never hurt anyone, stargazer.
Both Saturn and Capricorn love structure, so you may feel compelled to review or even rebuild the systems and routines that rule your everyday life. That's a tall ask, and normally you might prefer to rush through reviewing your habits, especially the ones you aren't exactly proud of. Sorry, but this retrograde wants you to take this process at a leisurely pace. And, its slo-mo effects all but guarantee that you'll have adequate time to question everything from your nail-biting to your ClassPass schedule.
Luckily, this transit won't be thankless. Like we said before, Saturn is looking out for your best interests, even if it is kind of a stick in the mud. Odds are good that you'll be happy with where you end up when this retrograde ends (if anything, you'll kick that nail-biting habit). Plus, there's nothing Capricorn loves more than seeing a difficult task executed well. By early September, you'll get to bask in the triumph of all the hard work you put in. No doubt we're in for a few tough months, but it still sounds better than Mercury retrograde, if you ask us.

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