Your December Horoscope, Revealed

Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
Countdown to 2018! After a year of major upheaval and worldwide insanity, we won't be heartbroken to see 2017 in our rearview mirrors. Although astrologers and mystics never know exactly how events will play out, some of this chaos was to be expected. For one thing, 2017 was a 1 Year in numerology, a time where everything feels like the Wild West — uncivilized and OOC. It's also been the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster — and male egos have certainly been strutting around on full display. But the Rooster also wakes us up! Activism and political engagement haven't been this strong for decades. This has also been a year of unprecedented takedowns of some of the most powerful, predatory perpetrators against women.
Since December is always a month for reflection, give your life a review. How did you grow through 2017's tumult? Where have you become stronger and more confident? Break out your journal (and your pussy hat...remember that?) and reflect. With Mercury retrograde pointing us to the past from December 3 to 22, this could be a deeply nostalgic month. Just heed the warning flags: Triple-confirm all your travel reservations and no rage-tweeting!
On December 19, drill sergeant Saturn switches signs for the first time in three years, leaving global Sagittarius and moving on to Capricorn, an earth sign that rules business, government economics, and, yes, the patriarchy. Saturn pulls no punches! This new, three-year cycle could force businesses to comply with environmentally sound policies. Our interest in government will expand and there may be emerging markets (wind and solar) that work with natural resources. Men may have another reckoning as Saturn clamps down on the toxic side of masculinity. While there might be more "law and order" in the land, by the time this cycle ends on December 17, 2020, here's hoping those rules are rewritten to benefit all people, not just a tiny percent.
P.S. Are you between the ages of 27 and 31? This might be the start or end of your Saturn return. Those born with Saturn in Sagittarius (11-16-25 to 2-12-88 and 6-10-88 to 11-11-88) will celebrate the end of their Saturn Return. People born with Saturn in Capricorn (2-13-88 to 6-9-88 and 11-12-88 to 2-6-91) your Saturn return is on! Over the coming three years you'll tackle some epic challenges that are meant to make you stronger, wiser, and a pro at adulting.

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