Saturn Retrograde Is Coming For All Of Our Schedules

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Every 12 months, Saturn, the disciplinarian of our solar system, turns retrograde for about 140 days. As you might have heard from the Astrotwins, this year's Saturn backspin will begin this Thursday, April 6. And it looks like we're going to need extra space in our planners to deal with its effects.
When it appears to be moving forward (a.k.a. direct), Saturn lends necessary structure to our lives. We feel its influence when we're compelled to do the right (not the easy or fun) thing — even if it doesn't benefit us directly. In other words, this taskmaster of a planet values justice in its purest form.
With that in mind, Saturn direct can feel like wind beneath our wings when we're pushing ahead on a project or putting new plans into action. Sadly, we cannot say the same for Saturn retrograde. Until August 25, it may be wise to think twice before you push ahead on anything. Check (and re-check) any schedules or commitments you've made to avoid making glaring errors or stretching yourself too thin.
If all this sounds like a major buzzkill for your springtime plans, don't panic. Rather than a decisive "pause" button, Saturn retrograde is an opportunity for you to say "no" to that thing that isn't really important to you right now.
According to astrologer Lynn Koiner, this is the perfect time to hone in on issues or frustrations that have been holding you back. Instead of swimming against the retrograde's current, direct your efforts toward resolving these smaller annoyances that always seem to crop up when you're working on something new. That way, once Saturn turns direct again in August, making plans will come much more easily to you since you've already dealt with your difficult coworker, that malfunctioning software on your laptop, or your useless gym membership (or whatever's going on in your life).
Finally, don't be surprised if rewards don't come easily during this Saturn retrograde. Along with its hardline approach to justice, Saturn demands dedication and work from all of us. Lessons learned during this period will be hard-won (and possibly hard to hear) but, according to authority figure Saturn, those are the only lessons worth learning.
Oh, and don't forget that Venus is still retrograde. While these two retrogrades overlap, be extra, extra careful with the plans you make in your relationship or dating life. Luckily, you'll only have to curb your springtime twitterpation until April 15 — almost there, stargazers.

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