Chrissy Metz Broke Up With Boyfriend Josh Stancil

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Chrissy Metz’s character, Kate Pearson, may have just tied the knot, but in the real world, Metz is newly single. On Friday, she confirmed her split from Josh Stancil, who was a cameraman on This Is Us. The two met on the set of the show and dated for almost two years.
Appearing on The Wendy Williams Show, Metz declared that she is “dating herself, currently.” She flashed a cheeky grin to the crowd, who applauded her “Independent Woman” vibes. Metz is riding high on the success of This Is Us’ second season and her latest People magazine cover. “We’re still friends, we’re still friendly,” she says, adding that she remains pals with people she’s dated — even her ex-husband. “It’s important to me. You care about the person.” File that under lessons we’re still trying to learn!
She also talked about her new memoir, This is Me, which was just released. Metz joked that the book is full of “hilarious dating stories, some of them I’m a little embarrassed about.” Still, she explained that the book is meant to help other people love themselves. “So many people have helped me get to this place,” she said. “And I thought, [maybe] I could help others too.”
Metz also recounted meeting Dolly Parton, yes, that Dolly Parton, and was stunned when Parton knew her name. “I was like, she knows who I am! No way!” said Metz, and we totally understand her awe. If Dolly Parton so much as glanced in our general direction, we would instantly dissolve into a mint julep.
“She’s so lovely ... she just treats you like an old friend,” Metz continued, and now we want to be Parton’s bestie as well. Listen, Metz and Parton, we’ve got a reservation for brunch, and you both are cordially invited.

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