Peeps-Flavored Beer Is Reportedly Being Released For Easter

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Every Easter, Peeps, an already controversial candy, gets dragged into unlikely and off-putting food mashups. Last year, Peeps pizza offended the masses as it took one of the most beloved dishes around and plopped the candy on top. This year, someone mashed Peeps up with something almost equally adored: beer. According to Fast Company, The Collective Brewing Project in Fort Worth, TX have joined forces with Lone Star Taps and Caps bar to create a Peeps-flavored sour ale.
The sour ale is called Peep This Collab as a homage to the brewery and bar's partnership and the candy used to make the beverage. Fast Company reports that it's brewed with vanilla and butterfly pea flower, which gives the ale a purple hue. It’s also said to be brewed with actual Peeps to give it a marshmallow-y flavor. And, what would a Peep-flavored anything be without a little sparkle to mimic the glittering outside of a Peep? According to an Instagram photo shared by The Collective Brewing Project, the sour ale gets a dash of edible hot pink glitter.
If reading the description of Peep This Collab and how it's made has you raising an eyebrow, you're not alone. We too are skeptical, and not just about the sour ale's taste. When we first heard tell of this unconventional beer, it was not lost on us that the this year, Easter just so happens to fall on April Fool's Day. Since we have yet to see any photos of the actual finished product, we're stuck wondering if Peep This Collab is hoax.
Perhaps this hunch comes because Peeps and April Fool's Day tricks are fresh on our minds today. This morning, Peep's (jokingly) announced that the Energizer Bunny was named the brand's "new Celebrity Creative Director" and that the battery-powered fictitious rabbit is "rolling out a new look and feel for the iconic pink Peeps bunnies for the 2018 Easter season!" So, understandably, we're feeling a little wary of any and all Peeps announcements at the moment.

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On the other-hand, maybe we should give The Collective Brewing Project and Lone Star Taps and Caps the benefit of the doubt. The brewery is, after all, known for releasing some off-beat beverages like pie-flavored beer and ramen noodle-flavored beer. Plus — sorry to bring this monstrosity up again — Peeps Pizza really did exist, so Peeps-flavored beer could very well be a reality too. We'll know for sure come Friday, March 30, when Peep This Collab is supposed to be officially released.

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