Trader Joe's Newest Product Just Dethroned This Frozen Food Staple

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One weeknights especially, sometimes it feels as if we only have eyes for frozen food. Trader Joe's freezer aisle, in particular, has a lot going for it, so it can be easy to forget that the store sells the fixings for simple meals outside of its freezers as well. The grocery chain just reminded us of this happy fact with the introduction of Falafel Mix. Now, we can cook up our own version of one of our favorite TJ's freezer staples, and cooking with the new mix is almost as easy as popping those frozen balls in the microwave.
Trader Joe’s officially announced the introduction of its new boxed Falafel Mix today. In a post on its website, the grocery chain explained that the mix is made with ground fava beans, chickpeas, garlic, onion, and spices like cumin and coriander. This, TJ’s says, is a traditional Mediterranean recipe. The mix also joins the ever-growing list of Trader Joe's vegan offerings.
Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joes.
One of the reasons that we like Trader Joe’s frozen falafels so much is because frying at home can be rather intimidating. With the new mix, once you’ve shaped it into balls, you can fry them on the stove if you’re brave enough, but you also have the option to bake them instead. So much more approachable, right?
Each 16-ounce box of the Falafel Mix costs around $2.99 and yields around 27 Falafels, depending on what size you make them. That means each falafel made with this mix costs 11 cents. With a price like that, these falafels may just have officially nabbed the title of our new go-to weeknight meal. Frozen food, who?

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