All The Questions Betsy DeVos Didn't Answer In Her 60 Minutes Interview

It's not difficult to find out exactly where Education Secretary Betsy DeVos comes from and what she believes. She and her family — one of the wealthiest families in Michigan — have donated millions of dollars to organizations that seek to expand religious education and push for taxpayer-funded vouchers for private schools, hurting public schools in the process.
But when she talks to the press, DeVos prefers corporate-style PR-speak that doesn't actually mean anything. That's precisely why listening to her interviews is so frustrating.
On the heels of a newly unveiled White House proposal to "harden" schools by helping states to arm teachers — something she says individual states and communities should consider — DeVos spoke with 60 Minutes about guns, "school choice," and underperforming schools.
In the interview with Lesley Stahl, DeVos not only showed limited knowledge of everything from gun policy to sexual assault, but also had a worrisome tic: responding to questions with non-answers. Ahead, some of the most dead-end exchanges between the two.

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