Bella Thorne Pulls A Taylor Swift In This Exclusive Clip From Midnight Sun

When Katie Price says she's a night owl, she means it. Played by Bella Thorne, Katie spends her whole life hiding inside from the sun by day and playing music outside by night in the upcoming movie Midnight Sun. A rare genetic condition has doomed her to life indoors, lest she risk her life exposing her skin to the sun. Her father Jack (Rob Riggle) and her best friend (Quinn Shephard) are the only ones keeping her company — until she meets Charlie (Patrick Schwarzenegger).
While Katie has had a crush on her neighbor Charlie her whole life, it isn't until he spots her playing her guitar one night that the two finally connect. They fall head over heels, but Katie keeps her condition a secret, spending her nights with Charlie and making excuses during the day. When she finally comes clean, he understands, but only time will tell if their relationship will withstand this unconventional test.
In the clip above, premiering exclusively on Refinery29, Thorne and Shephard recount Katie's embarrassing first meeting with Charlie. Luckily, Katie can turn to music to let out the emotions — just like Taylor Swift.
"It's bad but we'll fix it," Morgan (Shephard) says.
"I feel so stupid lame," Katie replies, and while Morgan promises she'll make up for it next time, Katie is skeptical a next time will ever come.
"This is good, this is what Taylor Swift does," Morgan points out as Katie picks up her guitar. "She has awkward interactions with boys and she just writes amazing songs about it."
In Midnight Sun, we get Thorne at her best, both as an actress and a singer, and both Thorne and Schwarzenegger will be doing a Twitter Video Q&A today, March 12, at 2 p.m. PST (5 p.m. EST). Fans can tweet their questions using #MidnightSunDatingHour if they want answers about love, life, and what to most look forward to in the movie.
Midnight Sun hits theaters March 23.
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