Katy Perry Is Saying So Much With This Orlando Bloom Onesie

Why go Instagram official when you could say so much more with a novelty clothing item? According to E!, Katy Perry was spotted taking photos with fans in Chile while wearing a onesie. Now, there’s nothing especially noteworthy about this since Perry launched her own onesie line in 2015. There is, however, plenty to be said about Perry wearing an Orlando Bloom onesie. This one-piece just became the latest piece in the Perry and Bloom relationship puzzle.
What’s so interesting about this particular onesie adorned with so many photos of Bloom is that fans have seen it before. Last year, Bloom posted a photo of his mom wearing the same exact one on Instagram. E! reported it was a gift for his 40th birthday party from a family member. The fact that Perry has one means she either borrowed it from Bloom (a sign the two are getting close again) or that she has one of her own and is willing to show it off. Perry had to know these fan photos would find their way onto social media and get people talking. By wearing it in public, she seems to be saying: “Let them talk.”

best gift ever surprise visit from me mum ?

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Is it an official confirmation that Perry and Bloom are dating again? Not necessarily, but it’s definitely a good sign. Especially since Perry and Bloom have been spotted together a lot lately. After snuggling at an Ed Sheeran concert, Perry said she didn’t want to define her relationship with Bloom, telling The Morning Mashup on SiriusXM, “Well, you know, I think people are in and out of your life. It's nice to keep people you love around you."
Us Weekly reported that although they’ve been spending time together again, Perry went to her brother’s wedding in February alone. According to a “source,” Perry reportedly joked about Bloom during her toast, “We’re on good terms — but not good enough for him to come as my date to the wedding.”
A sign that her relationship with Bloom is still a bit complicated? Just check out the video she posted after her brother’s wedding, in which she catches the bouquet, but runs far, far away with it. “When you crave companionship but run from love when you get it,” she captioned the clip.
So maybe this isn’t a “we’re officially dating” onesie, but it sure is a lewk that’s going to keep us talking about Perry and Bloom’s relationship status. Oh, and wondering where we can buy one of those onesies for ourselves.
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