This Home Decorating Tip From Reese Witherspoon Is Actually Genius

This weekend was the world premier of A Wrinkle In Time, the film where three supernatural beings, including Reese Witherspoon, guide a young girl through time and space on a quest to find her father. While we might not be 13-year-olds and our journeys might not involve tesseracts, we too find ourselves looking to Witherspoon as our wise guide on a very different mission: redecorating out homes. In a video recently published by Crate & Barrel, the actress revealed a tip that made us realize she has got some serious home decor knowledge we need to start paying attention to.
Through a series of videos called "Reese Unpacks the Season," Witherspoon has been sharing various springtime decor and entertaining tips, as well as highlighting some of her favorite products. In one of the videos that premiered earlier this week, the Wrinkle In Time star let us in on one of her little secrets for keeping living spaces fresh. The key is to collect lots of throw pillows.
The video starts with Witherspoon saying, "Would I love to get new furniture every season? Sure." Then, as she starts pulling several different throw pillows out of a big Crate & Barrel box she continues, "Will I settle for getting a ton of these instead? Oh, absolutely!" Here, our decorating mentor reminds us to be practical. If it's unreasonable for her, a famous actress, producer, and entrepreneur with a net worth of $120 million, to switch out her furniture with each changing season, it's definitely not a smart choice for us.
In case logic isn't enough to deter us from the fresh furniture move, however, Witherspoon offers an alternative that will. She explains that changing the collection of throw pillows on your beds, sofas, and chairs allows you to mix up the color in a room, which can totally revitalize a space. You can also play around with shapes, sizes, and textures. See, Mrs. Whatsit has some serious home decor prowess.

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