Exclusive Clip From Beirut: Rosamund Pike Has All The Power

The last time we got a good dose of Jon Hamm, it was back in 2017 during the third season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, a hologram in Marjorie Prime, and of course as the unforgettable villain of Baby Driver. Now, before joining the cast of Amazon's Good Omens in 2019, he's bursting back onto our screens alongside Gone Girl's Rosamund Pike in Beirut, a sweaty drama that follows Mason Skiles (Hamm) as he returns to Lebanon with CIA operative Sandy Crowder (Pike) to bargain for the life of the friend he left behind when he fled the country back in 1972.
In the clip above, premiering exclusively on Refinery29, Pike flees the scene with Hamm by her side in the midst of their mission. It's clear he's in way over his head, but Pike is full steam ahead. She's taking him to meet with the kidnappers who are holding his friend hostage.
Beirut hits theaters on April 11. You can watch the full trailer below:
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