There Will Be No Game Of Thrones Spoilers From Jon Snow In Ygritte's House

Rose Leslie would like to be added to the camp of Game of Thrones spoiler haters. The actress who played Ygritte would very much like to avoid knowing about the final season of the show. Unfortunately, her fiancé is literally Jon Snow (Kit Harington), so that task will take some extra planning. If anyone is up to the challenge, it's Ygritte.
Presumably, Harington is sworn to secrecy, having signed a load of nondisclosure agreements about the last season of Game of Thrones. Still, as anyone who's been in a long-term relationship knows, partners have a way of finding out everything. So Leslie is employing some fortress-level tactics to keep the spoilers on lockdown.
"I for sure ask Kit not to show me his excitement after he has read an episode, simply because I don’t want to read anything in his eyes," Leslie said to Entertainment Weekly. Not even allowing him a chance to practice his poker face, she says that while he is reading a script, he is banished to another room of their house. "So when he’s at the other end of the room and reading the episode, it’s like, no … we are not going to have eye contact for a long time. Go make a cup of tea. Calm down."
Still, Leslie is just like us, and having Jon Snow for an intended doesn't make her jaded. "I know the anticipation is killing a lot of people, and my God the build-up is fantastic. I can’t wait until next year," she said. Even Leslie sounds bummed that Game of Thrones won't return until 2019.

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