Smash Cakes Are The Adult Birthday Trend That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid

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There are few things more adorable than a baby's birthday party. Even though the baby has no idea what is happening, they are fussed over and doted on as they celebrate their first year of life. Of course, a first birthday is capped off by the cake smash, in which the baby gets a slice of their birthday cake and eats it, well, as only a baby can. By smearing it all over their face. Queue up the embarrassing baby photos.
Never one to be left out of a party, millennials have created their own version of the smash cake for their big milestone birthdays, reports Cosmopolitan. After all, now that Rihanna is 30, being 30 is the new being 30. That means when dirty 30th birthday parties meet pastry Instagram, the results are as dramatic as you can imagine. Let's examine this baked confection trend.
The adult smash cake trend seems to include some key pieces. The cake, of course, but more on that later. Birthday decorations are colorful, like a baby's big day, and the birthday adult tends to wear a tulle skirt and a tiara. The more Pinterest-friendly, the better. Elaborate photo shoots are staged, involving balloons, confetti, and even participants, like besties, babies, and pets.
There's also chalkboard or posters that detail the birthday adult's stats, much like at a baby's birthday. Stats include height, weight, interests, and naturally, astrological sign. We all know it can't be a millennial's birthday without mentioning the zodiac.
The cakes themselves aren't nearly as extra as the rainbow, candy-covered layer cakes that you'd expect from pasty chefs on Instagram. They tend to be smaller, more face-smashing sized. Because, after all, why let perfectly good cake go to waste on your birthday makeup?
For those of you getting ready to celebrate another revolution around the sun, check out these adorable adult smash cake birthday ideas from Instagram. May we suggest a celestially-themed galaxy cake to mark the occasion? You only turn 30 or 25 or 37 or 20 or 40 once.

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