Beyoncé's Rap Takes The "Top Off" Of DJ Khaled's New Song

DJ Khaled likes his songs star-studded, but he's outdone himself with this one. The superstar DJ dropped a new track "Top Off" early this morning and it features Beyonce, Jay Z, and Future. It hasn't been that long since Bey & Jay collabed, with her appearing on"Family Feud" on his album 4:44, but this one is sure to fuel rumors that maybe we'll see that joint album and tour they've been teasing come out...before we're aged.
Those spreading the rumor, though, should know: this track is on Khaled's upcoming album, Father of Asahd. It's strictly a Khaled joint, so keep your expectations in check on that album, but at the same time you can expect Bey to break this one out when she headlines Coachella in April.
Now, let's get into the good stuff: what's all that talk of fuck boys between Jay & Bey on this track about?
It's not about a fuck boy getting in the way of their relationship. In fact, the fuck boy Jay is probably referring to is also the "Georgie Peorgie" he mentions: George Zimmerman. As one of the geniuses on Genius notes, Jay is producing a docu-series about Zimmerman killing Trayvon Martin and getting away with it. Upon hearing about Jay's series, Zimmerman threatened to kill him. So, in this track, Jay returns the threat with "I'll kill that fuck boy with my own hand."
When Jay throws it to Bey, he says: "Bey, put these fuckboys on notice."
Her first line is, "I'm the only lady here, still the realest nigga in the room," and she only goes bigger from there. Apparently if you wanna be friends with her, you're going to have to sign an NDA going forward. While Future's auto-tuned vocals do the "I took the top off the Maybach" work on the chorus through the song, when Bey joins him after her verse, it will give you chills.
There's one more person who gets a shout out from both Bey and Jay: Meek Mill. Both of them mention the rapper, with Jay shouting out his arrest for doing wheelies while Bey simply says, "Free Meek Mill." Jay wrote an op-ed for the New York Times last November after Mill was arrested for violating his probation, calling it an example of how the system "entraps and harasses hundreds of thousands of Black people every day."
Khaled dropped another one. Father of Asahd does not have a release date, but expect some major keys ahead of its release in 2018. Or, as Jay says, "Khaled is valid, every word is true."
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