Victoria Beckham Doesn’t Wash Her Jeans, Either

For people who are super-serious about their denim, there is no one hard and fast rule when it comes time to cleaning their favorite pair of jeans. Most hardcore collectors seem to have theories about avoiding the washing machine and its rinse-and-spin combination, choosing instead to place their pants in the freezer to de-funk them, hand wash them, or hang them to dry. But if you’re Victoria Beckham, it turns out you don’t wash them at all.
In fact, the designer told Elle after presenting her Victoria Victoria Beckham collection during London Fashion Week that the only time she washes her jeans is “if the kids spill [something on them], then I have to wash them, obviously, but even then it's only on cold wash.” But rest-assure, otherwise, Posh Spice is just like us, and that means “normally, no, I just don't wash them at all. I normally hang my jeans up, to be honest with you, to keep the shape.”
We’d listen to her, too, if we were you. During her presentation, Beckham asked attendees to not wear ripped denim or sneakers — likely because she was presenting her own version of the trusty staple. And not the oversized, dirty pair relegated as your last option for getting dressed when you need to do laundry. No, Beckham’s offering included flares, intentionally sand-blasted girlfriend jeans, skinny jeans with a raw hem, and light-wash jeans the wearer can “cuff or wear straight.” As for the rest of the collection, Beckham describes it as having a “bit of a cowgirl feel,” which is perfectly in line with everything we want to wear right now.
As a styling tip, Beckham suggests wearing your jeans with a cheeky statement T-shirt and sunglasses. “You could say I’m slightly obsessed with sunglasses?! Wearing glasses all the time, I like to say I’m in a dark but happy place,” the mother-of-four wrote on Instagram, captioning a photo of herself at the show. Done and done.
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