Who Is This Burly New Zealander On Bachelor Winter Games?

Photo: Courtesy of @jordmauger.
There was a surprise guest on Thursday night's episode of Bachelor Winter Games, but this wasn't a trick pulled by Chris Harrison. Turns out visa issues delayed New Zealand contestant Jordan Mauger from joining the initial episode of the show, but when he finally arrived, fellow members of the house were not pleased to see him. Right off the bat, Mauger was described as arrogant, and gave many of the castmates bad vibes. This all stems from Mauger's history as the Bachelor on season 2 of the New Zealand franchise, and a pretty scandalous story that broke after he made his final choice.
Last summer, Mauger appeared on The Spinoff's reality TV podcast The Real Pod to discuss how difficult it was for him to choose between contestants Fleur Verhoeven and Nazanin Khanjani during the 2016 season, and copped to using a coin-toss to decide whose life he was going to change.
“When it came down to the final, I was so uncertain who was going to win," he told the podcast. "The first helicopter was waiting and they [the producers] said 'who are they putting in it?' So I flipped a coin."
“We are surprised to hear that Jordan tossed a coin to decide who was best for him, but ultimately the decision was his own and how he got there was his choice," Mediaworks told The Spinoff in a statement after the news.
Mauger revealed on Thursday night's Winter Games that he did indeed choose the winner of the coin toss, Verhoeven, but two days after the finale aired she announced they had broken up. According to the New Zealand Herald, Mauger ended things just hours after the proposal.
"I knew it was very likely it wouldn’t work out with anybody," Mauger told The Real Pod. "But if you sign up to something, you see it through."
While Verhoeven may not ever forgive Mauger, the rest of the Winter Games cast seems ready for a fresh start. They cheers-ed to starting over, and Mauger and Bibiana have already sparked a romance. Maybe this time around he'll draw straws.
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