Why Does Zac Efron Look Like A Panini In These Photos From The Beach Bum?

Shortly after buttering us up with eerily attractive photos of himself as Ted Bundy, Zac Efron has done a complete 180 in leaked pictures from behind the scenes of The Beach Bum. The upcoming movie is directed by Spring Breakers' Harmony Korine and stars Matthew McConaughey as a rebellious stoner named Moondog and Efron as, what I can only assume from these photos, a panini.
If you can drag your eyes away from the absolutely outrageous vest and board shorts, then take a moment to look at Efron's facial hair. Is that or is that not a sandwich freshly removed from a panini press?
That, of course, isn't the most wild thing about this photo, but it definitely ties with the spikes on his shoulders and the patches that say things like "I'm the Christian Satan warned you about" and "Rapture. Be there." I cannot discern if this is pro-religion or not. All I know is that those board shorts are on sale.
"I'm always trying to get to a point where the movie-making is more inexplicable—an energy, rather than anything steeped in narrative," Korine told Vice about his process back in 2016. "I was always trying to do something that was closer to a drug experience, or a hallucinatory experience, or something more like a feeling."
"Inexplicable" and "hallucinatory" are definitely the words I'd use to describe this outfit, especially because I'm no closer to understanding what this movie is actually about, or what part Efron and his panini beard play in it. Something tells me though that, if I did, I still wouldn't be any closer to understanding. Just hungry.
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