Starbucks Is Recalling Panini Due To An E. Coli Contamination

Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks.
First came the Chipotle E. coli. Now, yet another favorite of basic girls everywhere has fallen: Starbucks is recalling its Holiday Turkey and Stuffing panini due to E. coli-contaminated ingredients, specifically celery and onions from Taylor Farms Pacific, Inc. Starbucks' recall is specific to its California, Oregon, and Nevada locations, while Taylor Farms has released its own recall, encompassing many more states and vendors that sell its produce (including Costco, which recalled its chicken salad a few days ago). No one has been reported sick from the Starbucks panini, so this recall is purely precautionary. That being said, if you're worried, know that the symptoms of an E. coli infection are most frequently nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. As long as they don't increase in severity, these afflictions should dissipate in about a week. You should see your doctor if you notice blood in your stool, experience a fever, or if your symptoms worsen. Along with the continued spread of Chipotle's E. coli outbreak, this recall comes only a few weeks after the FDA announced its new regulations on produce cleanliness. These rules were established in order to reduce foodborne illnesses such as salmonella and E. coli — which frequently stem from poorly cleaned produce. There's still time for these new guidelines to show results, though, and let us not forget: It's always darkest just before the dawn.

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