Mariah Carey Is Trying To Set Up Her Dog With A Date For Valentine's Day

There's no such thing as a bad dog, which is why the challenge I'm about to present you with is so impossible. On Tuesday, Mariah Carey tweeted that her dog Cha Cha was looking for a date for Valentine's Day, and now we have less than 24 hours to parse through the many, many canine suitors who have appeared in her replies. How do you say no to one cute doggy face, let alone hundreds?
"Cha Cha is looking for a Valentine!" she captioned the photo of herself snuggling Cha Cha on the couch. "Any takers?"
You don't need to ask Twitter twice. As we speak, fans are flocking to the tweet with pictures of their own pups.
If I were Cha Cha, I'd choose Stella:
Actually, maybe Ted:
Wait, okay, what about Ralph:
Sorry, I meant Chloe:
Actually, what about Remy:
No, wait, final answer, Rusty:
Wait, but Dylan!
Or Moose? Or Elmo? Or Winnie?
You know what, this is why I hate Valentine's Day. I'm just not cut out for this dog-eat-dog lifestyle. Besides, it doesn't look like Cha Cha needs a suitor anyways, since she's so busy luxuriating and lounging with her superstar mom. Here they are snuggling in a post-Christmas coma:

"I said bedtime!" #AIWFCIY ????????

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And here she is horning in on Carey's massage:

Even #chacha gets pampered tonight ?

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Who needs a date when you can just get pampered with your mom instead? I'll have to leave the discerning diva tendencies to the professional, and hope that any of the dogs who don't get chosen for Cha Cha will accompany me on a moonlit romantic walk, instead.
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