Timothée Chalamet Is About To Be The Ruling King Of Netflix

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With just three weekends between him and the Oscars (where he has two movies with multiple nominations, and he himself is nominated for Best Actor), the overachiever just shared news that he is set to star in another film, and it sounds regal.
Chalamet is starring in The King, the story of King Henry V, a royal you may recognize from that William Shakespeare play, "Henry V," which you totally, definitely read and didn't Spark Notes in high school. According to Deadline, The King will follow Henry V as he is thrust into the throne after his brother dies in battle. He, in the words of Deadline-slash-history books, "rises to the occasion, admirably." Sounds hella tight.
The film will be directed by David Michôd (Animal King, War Machine), who was also a co-writer along with actor Joel Edgerton (The Gift, Red Sparrow yes, the Loving star is also a talented screenwriter). Robert Pattinson also appears to be attached to the project as a yet-to-be announced character. And just to add a little more fuel to the fire: in 2016, when the writing pair was still working on the script, Edgerton described the film as "Game of Thrones meets Shakespeare" with "some parts our own imaginings, our own creative license." This film will also reunite Michôd with the production company he worked on War Machine with, Plan B, which happens to be owned by one Brad Pitt. So, yes, Pitt and Chalamet will hang out and we will require photos.
As exciting as this all is for Chalamet, who also has two movies more due out this year, Beautiful Boy and A Rainy Day in New York, there is one issue that should be addressed as soon as possible: Chalamet's iconic hair is at stake.
King Henry V, despite his bad boy antics and prowess at battles, had extremely bad hair, as W Magazine points out. Please brace yourself for this very specific and alarming bowl cut. Yikes.
Pitt, Michôd, Edgerton — let's really amp up the creative licensing and just skip this part of history, for the fans' sake?
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