Break Out The Confetti & Celebrate 2018's New Emoji

Photographed by Tayler Smith.
Redheads can rest easy: The battle is over. The fight has been won.
At long last, Unicode, the governing body in charge of reviewing emoji proposals, has confirmed the hair color is part of the new set of emoji that will be released in June 2018. The final list of Emoji 11.0 includes 157 new icons, many of which men and women alike have requested for years.
There will be six new faces, including an especially adorable "smiling face with three hearts", hot and cold faces, a "pleading face", a "woozy face", and a "partying face" complete with confetti.
In addition to red hair there will also be white hair and bald heads, as well as a curly hair style.
There are male and female superheroes and villains, and appendages — legs and feet — that took a strangely long time to get emoji representation.
You'll be able to message friends about bagel brunch with an actual bagel emoji (for the record, it looks like a plain bagel, not everything or sesame seed), and there will be salt, cupcakes, lobster, mangoes, moon cakes, and leafy greens. The emoji animal kingdom is getting some new members, including a raccoon, hippo, kangaroo, badger, swan, peacock, parrot, lobster, and llama. Yes, a llama!
Although there is only a small set of new clothing options, there is finally a work-appropriate alternative to heels — a ballet flat, and a hiking boot, lab coat, and goggles.
You can see mock-up designs of all the new emoji here, though it's worth remembering that they will look different depending on the device you use. While the official release of all 157 emoji is scheduled for this June, they're unlikely to hit your phones until August or September. (In 2017, iPhone users didn't get them until early October.)
Still, there's no reason red-heads can't raise a glass to their new, long-awaited emoji ahead of time.

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