Jennifer Lawrence's Nude Scenes Helped Her Recover From Her Traumatic Photo Hack

Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images/Paramount Pictures.
It takes a lot to become a spy, but for Jennifer Lawrence, the hardest part probably isn't what you expect. In the upcoming movie Red Sparrow, Lawrence plays ballerina Dominika Egorova who must learn the art of seduction. This required the actress to participate in nude scenes, something she admits was "definitely daunting," especially after her personal nude photos were hacked and leaked back in 2014.
"My character is told to strip in front of the class, and I had to strip in front of a class and an entire crew," she told Total Film. "I worked myself up [about the scene], I was really nervous. But Francis [Lawrence] made me feel so much more comfortable. Everybody made me feel like I had clothes on. And then when I finished, I just walked out feeling empowered. I felt amazing."
She acknowledges that this is much different that having her photos leaked. "Nudity by choice is a completely different thing from being violated," she continued. "This was my choice, and it was for my craft."
But through those scenes, she managed to reclaim a part of herself that was lost during the 2014 violation.
"In doing this film, in doing this for my art… I really felt, I still feel, empowered," she added. "I feel like I took something back that was taken from me."
She recently spoke about her decision not to sue over the photo hack in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in November.
"None of that was going to really bring me peace, and none of that was going to bring my nude body back to me and Nick [Holt], the person they were intended for," she told the outlet, adding that she was "still processing" the attack. Hopefully her most recent work has brought her one step closer to peace.
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