Panera Just Rebranded Its Broccoli Cheddar Soup For Chrissy Teigen

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
Twitter is a place to share your opinions, and Chrissy Teigen definitely takes advantage of that. She's constantly tweeting her views on everything from politics to fast food. While some may take issue with her outspokenness — we won't name any names, but we're sure everyone knows to whom we are referring — others really love her for it. We count ourselves as members of this latter group and funnily enough, so does Panera Bread. Recently, the chain took note of Teigen's opinion on one of its menu items and sent her a little gift in response.
This hilarious Twitter interaction all started a week ago when Good Morning America tweeted its story about Panera's plea with the FDA to "change the definition of what can be called an egg." Teigen saw the post and in classic Chrissy fashion, she tweeted some commentary on the news. Teigen concurred that a food's label should indeed reflect what the food actually is, but said it in very cheeky way. She wrote, "Yes I agree only actual eggs should be called eggs and their broccoli cheddar soup should be called delicious cream times."
Panera saw Teigen's tweet and thought it was just as funny as we did. The chain responded with it's own tweet, saying, "Great suggestion @chrissyteigen and we will continue to call you best human in the twittersphere."
As someone who is always sharing what she thinks, Chrissy Teigen probably expects most of her opinions to go ignored with no one acting upon them. That's not what happened this time, though. Late last night, the cookbook author posted a photo featuring something very special Panera sent her. It was —you guessed it — a container of Panera broccoli cheddar soup rebranded as Delicious Cream Times Soup.
As if that weren't enough, a rep for Panera informed us that the chain has also changed the soup's name on it's official website as well. We desperately hope Chrissy Teigen sees this as even more incentive to keep tweeting all her opinions, regardless of the subject matter.

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