Exclusive: Watch This Unique Meet-Cute From New Movie Every Day

Photo: Courtesy of Orion Pictures
Teen life is fraught with complications. Who hasn't been tongue-tied in front of their crush, or uncomfortable in their own skin? However, the protagonist of new movie Every Day has a particular challenge: How can they spend time with the girl they love when they wake up in a different body every day?
Based on David Levithan's celebrated YA novel of the same name, Every Day explores themes of identity, sacrifice, and the power of human connection. Yet, at its core, Every Day is a love story between a kind, compassionate, bodiless soul named A and Rhiannon (Angourie Rice), the one person in the world A has revealed the truth about their existence to.
However, before A reveals the truth to Rhiannon, they have to meet her — which is what we see in this exclusive new clip from Every Day.
A and Rhiannon first meet when the soul is embodying the teen's less-than-stellar high school boyfriend, Justin (Justice Smith). Rhiannon is crazy about Justin, but Justin is... well, an average teenage boy who isn't like a protagonist out of a YA novel. Justin doesn't quite "get" Rhiannon (despite her many, many late-night phone calls, which she apologizes in the clip for making) but the curious, kind A decides that they want to spend more time with her.
To A, it might as well be a first date. To Rhiannon, however, she's just having a particularly lovely day with the guy she's already into — even though he's not quite acting like himself.
The new clip therefore reveals a very unique kind of meet-cute.
Every Day hits theaters February 23.

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