Instagram Stories Is Getting Brand New Fonts

From poet Cleo Wade to The Good Quote, Instagram users have long proven that text-only posts have a place on the platform. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes, you just want some really cool fonts to get your point across. Now, Instagram is making that possible: With the launch of "Type" mode, Instagram Stories is tapping into its creative roots and offering users a whole new catalog of font options.
To use the new font options, open the Stories camera and swipe to "Type" mode (located to the left of "Live" mode). Tapping the button at the top of the screen will allow you to choose from a series of available fonts. Maybe "modern" expresses you best. Or perhaps you're into the old-school sass of "typewriter" style or the big and bold, protest sign-worthy lettering of "strong." On the other hand, the cursive of "neon" has a more delicate touch.
Whichever one you pick, you can then customize it further: Select all the text to change the color, or tap the "A" icon to highlight the text. To add a photo to the background, tap the camera icon on the bottom right. To leave your text on a plain background, but change the color of that background, tap the circle instead.
While many creatives have turned to external apps to add creative lettering their Instagram Stories, "Type" mode brings the functionality in-app, making for a more seamless process. Still, you can also use other apps, such as A Design Kit, for even more styles, as well as additional brush options. It's a wordsmith's (or aspiring wordsmith's) dream.
Today's update follows last week's introduction of GIF stickers. To add GIFs to your text-focused Story, simply tap the ">" button, select the sticker drawer, and choose "GIF." From there, you can choose a quirky animation to add even more flair.

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