The Cutest Couples At The 2018 Grammy Awards

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage.
What is it about musicians as couples that's so exciting? Maybe it's because really good musicians achieve the impossible by, you know, making good music. Then, when they also happen to be in a cute relationship, it's almost unfathomable. For example, it's truly unfair that Jay-Z, one of the world's greatest rappers, is married to Beyoncé, the single greatest female pop star of all time. On top of that, musicians, unlike actors, tend to be elusive with their personal lives. They don't have to do the talk show circuit hullabaloo and, if they do, they veer away from their personal lives. (When's the last time you heard Beyoncé talk about Jay-Z?)
So, seeing musical couples together — in red carpet glam, no less — is especially exciting. The Grammy awards are one of the few instances when we get to see that! The Grammy awards coax all our favorite musicians from their hidey holes for one big celebratory night. Spouses will walk the carpet hand-in-hand, musicians will debut new significant others, and some non-romantic duos will become iconic. (We're looking at you, Cardi B. and Hennessy!)
Ahead, the cutest couples and duos from the 2018 Grammy Awards.
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