Enough About Logan Paul, We NEED To Talk About Poppy

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Believe or not, all that Logan Paul drama is not the most confusing thing happening on YouTube. No, that particular honor goes to Poppy, a singer and...performance artist?...who just got her own show on YouTube Red. I'm Poppy premiered Tuesday night, and while those who tuned in have likely done this sleuthing on their own, I'm here to let the rest of the world know that this is a rabbit hole worth going down.
By nature, Poppy lets us know very little about who or what she is, but here's what I have managed to figure out:
1. Poppy is a musician. While a majority of Poppy's videos are short, bizarre sound bites about...something, it's clear she is first and foremost in it for the music. She came out with an EP called Bubblebath in 2016, and her first full album is titled Poppy.Computer. Her music is catchy and upbeat, Marina And The Diamonds-esque with a dash of early Lady Gaga. But there's also something about it that's totally unique, heavily influenced by internet culture and the digital age.
2. Poppy is a performance artist. Despite her career as a musician, that's not usually how people find her channel. When she's not posting music, Poppy is primarily posting short, creepy videos in her vacant persona that poke fun at society, fame, and the internet, kind of like this generation's LonelyGirl15 (if you want to go down that rabbit hole, look no further than here). I can't guarantee you'll understand what's happening in any of these:
3. Before Poppy, there was Mars Argo. If you take a look at the description of Poppy's videos, all of them are directed by a man named Titanic Sinclair. Give him a quick google, and you'll find videos like this:
And if you keep digging, this:
That's Titanic Sinclair and singer Mars Argo — you could basically call her a Poppy prototype. They were in a band together but broke up shortly before Poppy entered the scene, but it's certainly not hard to see the similarities between the two musical projects.
4. Poppy wasn't always called Poppy. Much of Poppy's life before "Poppy" has been erased from the internet, so most of what we know is really only what we can guess and piece together. Names fans have claimed she's used are Moriah Poppy, That Poppy, and Poppy Chan, and apparently her real name is Moriah Pereira. She posted songs and covers on YouTube as just herself before she decided to become Poppy, but you'll never find them.
5. Poppy never breaks character, but when she does, she sounds like this. Poppy's whole "thing" is that she maintains her persona during appearances, does not identify with an age, and really won't reveal any personal information about herself. However, that hasn't always been the case. In one interview from 2015, you can see her using her normal voice, likely before the schtick had been solidified.
It's a miracle this video, too, hasn't been removed. But then again, maybe Poppy left it there for a reason. Does she want us to figure out who she is? And if not, what is she trying to say? I gotta waste my day watching 100 more videos to find out.
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