Dakota Fanning Packed 9 Suitcases For A 6 Month Trip & Here's What Was In Them

Dakota Fanning revealed that she is not the lightest packer. In fact, she packed nine suitcases for her six-month trip to Budapest to film for her latest role in the macabre television series, The Alienist. This one product is part of why she needed so many suitcases.
In an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Fanning explained some of the thought process behind her packing. "I had two suitcases that were just toiletries," she revealed to Fallon who seemed shocked at first. "I had six months of the soap that I like to use...I didn't know if they would have it." The soap she knew she couldn't go six months without is Epicuren Tropical Lave. "It smells like coconut. It's so good," she added.
Her reasoning is extremely relatable. If you have ever left home for an extended period of time – let's be real, even for a quick weekend trip – you want to know that you'll have access to your favorite beauty products. The longer you are away, the more home comforts are essential, especially if they smell like coconut. We love a good, tropical-scented shower product as much as the next person, and we definitely have products we would never want to leave home without.
Epicuren Tropical Lave isn't the only thing filling Fanning's nine suitcases. "My nine suitcases were chock-full of my mom's notes," the actress shared saying that they would fall out of her luggage, shoes, and clothing over the course of the six months she was away filming. Fallon had a photo of one of the mother-daughter notes to share with the audience which read, "Dakota, always think of others and be kind! Love you and proud of you!"
It seems like sweet notes and sweet scents were the theme of Dakota Fanning's extensive packing.
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