Dakota Fanning Takes On A Serial Killer In This Creepy New TV Show

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With so many film actors heading to television — and so many television shows diving into the macabre — it was only a matter of time before Dakota Fanning would star in a very creepy new TV series. The actress, who currently stars in American Pastoral and will play the coveted role of Esther Greenwood in the adaptation of Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar, will be plopped into 1896 New York City for her new TNT series, The Alienist, where she'll find a serial killer is running rampant. Gulp.
Fanning will play a mysterious woman named Sara Howard in the new series (and already wears a slew of lavish 19th century costumes in the show's fantastically creepy new trailer).
The Alienist also stars Luke Evans (Gaston from Beauty & The Beast) as John Moore, a man who (at least from his longing looks in the trailer) could seemingly play Sara's love interest. However, this story is no grand romance: The show focuses on the search for a killer preying on young male prostitutes. Inglorious Basterds actor Daniel Bruhl will portray the man at the head of the hunt for the killer, Dr. Laszlo Kreizler — an "alienist" determined to crack the case.
The term "alienist," according to the TNT series' new trailer, was a 19th century term for someone who studies those with mental illness. At that time in history, those suffering from mental illness were seen as being "alienated" from their own nature.
"He needs to feed his hunger, like an addict," says Dr. Kreizler of the killer hunting the streets of New York for his next prey.
Already appropriately freaked out and eager for more? Unfortunately, there's no premiere date scheduled just yet. However, feel free to enjoy this deliciously frightening trailer in the meantime:

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