Exclusive: Watch Helen Mirren In The Supernatural Thriller Winchester

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Spirits. Souls. Demons. Ghosts. Entities. Apparitions. Shadows. Beings. Devils. Spectres. Poltergeists. Helen Mirren's new horror movie — or thriller, depending on your perspective — Winchester promises all of that and more. Like many great horror movies, Winchester centers on a big house. The house is the Winchester mansion, owned by Sarah Winchester (Helen Mirren), a widow who always wears a black veil. And yes, Mirren rocks the veil. (I aspire to have the sangfroid of Mirren wearing a black veil.) Winchester built the mansion at the behest of a medium, who told her it would house spirits — and ghosts and entities and so forth. Jason Clarke plays doctor Eric Prose, the man tasked with taking the mansion away from Winchester. The doctor is there to prove she's crazy; the spirits are determined to prove she's not. Horrific things will ensue!
In the exclusive clip, which you can watch below, Winchester meetsProse for the first time.
"Mrs. Winchester, it's a pleasure to finally meet you," Prose says.
"Pleasure is due to the lawyers of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company," Winchester says dryly. It's not her idea to have the doctor at the house. She adds, "It's quite a special house, is it not?"
The house is based on a real house, the Winchester Mystery House, which rests in San José, California. Because it belonged to the heiress of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company — also the company in the movie — it is believed to house the ghosts of those killed by Winchester rifles. According to The Mercury News, the film was partially shot on the actual Winchester house.
Watch the full preview clip, below.
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