Everything You Need To Know About Arie's Contestants, Based On Their Social Media

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
The Bachelor premiered its 22nd season Monday night, introducing us to 29 women — well, down to 21 after the first evening — which is always a bit overwhelming. For starters, there are four Laurens this year. There's also a Becca and a Bekah. Two women made jokes about genitalia — Amber and Tia! — and one woman brought a pair of elephant cuff links, invoking the elephant's great memory to help her case. Sadly, I did not remember her name when the episode finished.
That's the thing about The Bachelor. Unlike scripted shows, where the characters stick around, The Bachelor introduces us to a whole new cast of people each year. And it can get overwhelming. As the show progresses, the contestants will get more comfortable. Their distinct personalities will emerge, and we'll get to know them as individuals, not a mass of potential brides.
In the meantime, though, we can observe the newest crop of Bachelor contestants via social media. Social media personalities are very different from television personalities. The Bachelor is edited and highly produced. Instagram less so. (Actually, some of the Instagrams ahead are very edited and highly produced. We'll let you judge.)
In the interest of getting to know Bachelor Nation's newest arrivals, we've gathered their Instagram accounts. May these accounts help you pick your top five.
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