Dr. Pimple Popper Is Coming To A Cable Network Near You

Update: In case the barrage of signs, Instagram posts, and texts have not already alerted you, it's a spanking-new year, and that means shit is about to get interesting — especially if you're a self-proclaimed popaholic. Case in point? Dr. Sandra Lee (known on the internet as Dr. Pimple Popper) uploaded a sneak peek of her new TLC special Dr. Pimple Popper: This Is Zit to her YouTube channel, and suffice to say it's unlike anything you've seen on Say Yes To The Dress or Cake Boss.
That's right. Tonight, at 10 pm EST on the network, you can finally watch all of Dr. Lee's blackhead-extracting, cyst-oozing, milia-removing on the big screen, in your living room, with the volume on high, should you so choose. Until then, make sure you grab the popcorn and press play after the jump for the teaser.
This story was originally published December 24, 2017.
What could be better than ringing in the new year with some festive entertainment? For fans of YouTube sensation Dr. Pimple Popper, your wish has been granted by TLC, who will present a special called Dr. Pimple Popper: This Is Zit. America, brace yourself for the greatness that is Dr. Pimple Popper videos to be beamed into your living room.
Dr. Sandra Lee, as the personality behind the pop is known and Southern California dermatologist will also join the network in presenting a new Facebook video series, also called This Is Zit, as The Insider reports.
In an Instagram post announcing the show, Lee says "I have a TV special...about pimple popping, can you even believe it?... It is all new pops, nothing that you've ever seen before. What's nice about it, for a lot of you popaholics in particular, is that you get to see a lot of how my office runs, what my office looks like, the behind the scenes of how we prepare for my popping videos...I am so excited about it, and it's all because of you guys that this is happening."
All new pops? That is what starting 2018 out with the kind of stress-relieving programming we all need looks like!
The show's Facebook page has already posted episodes of the online show, including an episode where you can watch Lee "excising an epidermoid cyst," a.k.a. remove a giant lump from a human leg and explain how she does it. It looks like TLC are not toning Dr. Pimple Popper down from her existing YouTube channel full of grapefruit and baseball-sized lumps and bumps, so brace yourself for an epic pop.
Hardcore fans can gather 'round their TVs (and invite some pimple popper virgins to join them) on January 3, 2018, at 10 pm EST for the special. We suggest you provide cocktails, but not snacks.

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